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Our Rock and Roll

With more than 10 years of experience
we can deliver the best game art

Our Vision

Help companies to save money and manage their resources better.

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Our Core Value

With our expertise allow us to offer the right solutions for the best effects.

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Our People

We as a team supporting each other to ensure success is inevitable.

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Not your regular outsourcing agency

We helped many leading developers have the edge over their competitors by providing solutions and services.

You're doing fine in your business but you would like to grow it more.


With gorgeous visuals can reach these numbers.


With Sunrisez you can focus on your gain.


With proper marketing and distribution can reach these numbers.

Production Cost

With Sunrisez can reach these numbers.

3D Art

Is all about innovation

Everything we do works together to ensure a flawless animation process is possible.


Our Pipeline

We can provide the content that best suits your needs

About Your Game

Project Brief is everything

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Dedicated Manger

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Art Style & Numbers

Art Style Guide

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Quality Control

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A Non-Disclosure Agreement from beforehand

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Final Delivery

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Not just your regular
Outsourcing Studio

“Working with Sunrisez took us from being just
normal to be awesome...”

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